Perceptions of High School English Teachers Regarding the Use of Computer-Generated Visual Media in Class to Address Literacy Standards, Appendix

If necessary, please use the back of this survey and/or attach additional pagesto amplify your responses which will be held in the strictest confidence.


Gender:  Male   Female (Please circle)


How many years have you been a teacher?


What subject and grade level(s) do you currently teach?


Do you believe that popular/modern culture is a viable resource for teaching in the English classroom?


What are the genres of incorporating popular/contemporary culture references that are available to high school English teachers of which you are aware?


Do you, yourself, rely on popular/contemporary culture references to teach in the English classroom?  If so, please elaborate:  How do you incorporate it into the lesson?  How often?  How much?


Have you ever incorporated video games into your lessons in the English classroom?

Please elaborate why you have or have not.


Do you/have you used video game-related materials (franchised books, movies, etc.) as part of a lesson in your classroom?

If yes, was it successful?


Have you ever sought or received any training or in-service designed to assist you in incorporating popular/contemporary culture references into your lessons?


How likely are you to explore the body of research concerning video games to teach content in your classroom?   Please circle one.

Please elaborate


How likely are you to use video games and/or related materials in your classroom?

Please elaborate.


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