Poetry Lesson 2

This was another poetry exercise from Pop Lit.  My host teacher and I put pictures all along the wall and allowed the students to look them over and take one that evoked the greatest response.  Admittedly, I have no idea what the picture was anymore, but looking at the poem, probably something of a desert or ruins.  It is annotated for its use of literary devices.




Gaze upon such majesty, such greatness,

The pinnacle of human triumph, everlasting legacy!

Come and see!  Come and see!  Such a sight to behold!

How proud we all should be of what will come!

Here before us is our reality, our world, our glory[1]

Ozymandias[2] a peasant before such feats;

Yet you would hardly have[3] seen a difference

Between his fate and ours[4].

Who remembers what was accomplished here?  Sings hymns in praise?

The crawling, creeping[5] things that claimed our ruins.

Where we’ve gone, all we’ve done, they will never know,

Bequeathed unto them just a great place to feast.


We in hubris tripped into our graves,

And now the meek give homage with ignorant bliss.

History is the final judge for our actions[6],

The verdict oblivion.


Richard Jacobsen

Picture 710

[1] Dicton

[2] Allusion

[3] Alliteration

[4] Metaphor

[5] Alliteration

[6] Allusion


About rinwhyte

Aspiring writer, born and bred in New York. I love to write fantasy and science fiction, as well as poetry.
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