Beacon Lesson Plan- 10/22/13 (First Session)

Adolescent Literacy Lesson Plan



Title:  “Getting to Know You!”

Aim/Objective:  To introduce Instructors and Participants to one another and initiate the program. Introduce curriculum briefly. State goals and objectives. Inform students about diagnostic test taking place on the 22nd and 23rd.

Required Materials:  Construction paper, pens, markers

Do Now: No Do Now will be planned for the first session

Direct Instruction:  

A)  The instructional team will demonstrate for the students the “getting to know you” introduction.  The instruction team will model the conversation for the students and provide instructions for making their name cards by making their own sample name cards via the Tell/Show/Do Method:  Tell the students what to put on their card, show them the instructor cards (pass them around the room), have the students do the activity themselves.  The cards will contain the same information as provided during the “Getting to Know You” introduction.

B)  Explain the class and its purpose; positively spin the coming Assessment and get volunteers for the Oral part of the Assessment on Wednesday (30-50% of the group will be needed).

C) Establish Rules 1 and 2:

    1)  Treat each other with respect

    2)  Whenever a word or phrase is encountered, students will raise their hand and call out, “What is that?”

Guided and Independent Practice:

A)  Instruction team will model the “Getting to know You” introduction:

1)  “Hi!, My name is…”

2)  “I am from…”

3)  “I am … year old.”

4)  “My favorite singer is…” and/or “My favorite hobby is…”


B)  Magic Box:  A box will be provided for questions to be submitted without having to ask them publicly; it will be available from 2:55 pm to 4:45 pm each day there is a session.  The questions will be reviewed and answered at the next session.

Assessment and Reflection: No assessment and reflection will be required for this first lesson. Students will be encouraged to bring their name cards for the first two weeks and the instruction team will open the floor to any questions towards the end of the class session if time permits.


There were two more sections, but due to time constraints and limitations on language proficiency, they were considered irrelevant and omitted.


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