Beacon Lesson Plan 10/30/13

Adolescent Literacy Lesson Plan


Title: We Go Together

Aim/Objective: Build upon the previous lesson by introducing the sounds made by compound letters.

Required Materials:  Flip chart, markers, construction paper

Do Now:  Students will return to the previous day’s grouping arrangement and repeat the final sound exercise from the previous day, adding the consonant sounds before their vowel (i.e., Group A: “ba,” “da,” “fa”).

Direct Instruction:

1)  Call on students to share their vowel-consonant mergers.  This will bring the previous lesson and homework to the class discussion.

2)  Begin introducing “seasonal” vocabulary words, as they appear on their worksheet.

3) Ideally, any remaining assessments will be completed by this lesson.

Guided and Independent Practice:

1)  Given how dry the previous days’ lessons have been, the tone of this class is more playful.  To prepare for the Thursday/Halloween session, students will be asked if their families celebrate the holiday and how.

2) Halloween vocabulary worksheet.

Assessment and Reflection:

1) The worksheet is designed to be instruction, review, and assessment.


While a vocabulary list was created, it was discarded by the instructional team in favor of the vocabulary from this page on  The quiz was replicated as a fill-in-the-blank exercise.


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