Beacon Lesson Plan 10/31/13

Adolescent Literacy Lesson Plan



Title: Why Do Vampires Sparkle in the Sunlight?

Aim/Objective: Continue pronunciation lesson by offering relevant, seasonal reference images and vocabulary.  (And maybe find the Headless Horseman’s head…)

Required Materials: Candy (courtesy of Mr. Richard), flip chart, Halloween/Fall pictures (from the student-offered vocabulary).

Do Now:  Since it has been 4 very dry sessions, there is no Do Now.

Direct Instruction:

1) Recap the vocabulary assigned the previous day.

2)  Continue any culture sharing students may have.

Guided and Independent Practice:

1) If any student is wearing a costume, they will be asked to explain their costume to the class: “I am a …..” and why they chose it.

2)  Post the Halloween images on the flip chart.  Have students come up and write the name that corresponds with the picture in English, then in their native language.

Assessment and Reflection:

1) Candy will be given to each student who answers correctly first.  Ideally, the candy is an incentive to volunteer, but everyone will have gotten something by the end of class.  Rate of distribution and supply depletion will be monitored to gauge student achievement.


The important thing about being a teacher is flexibility.  The Raven was going to be distributed for a read-aloud, but the idea was discarded, as it was too involved for the students.  Instead, the previous lesson’s worksheet was reviewed.  Some students had wrong answers, which made the review an ideal assessment.

The candy was a fun idea.  After a decent amount of students became competitively active to get more, the candy was distributed to the ones who hadn’t participated.  Interestingly enough, this made them more vocal and willing to participate.

Half of the class was dedicated to a makeshift party.  One of my assistants brought in cookies, the other some beverages, and there was a drawing activity of creating monsters to serve as their Halloween decorations.


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